What if it might be true?

A photo by Greg Rakozy. unsplash.com/photos/oMpAz-DN-9I

Sometimes I meet people with opinions that I’ve never heard before. Pretty often within the spiritual area. Some years ago I would just have thought of them with pity; how can anyone be so crazy they believe in things that are not proven to exist?

But then I read something that made me change my approach. Unfortunately I can’t remember the author but her categorization of new ideas was this:

1. I’m not interested in this subject.
2. It might be true.
3. I believe this.

That was such a relief to me!

I had accepted that people believe in the big religions, even if many of the thoughts there too seemed crazy and too old fashioned for me to listen to. It had been harder with the more strange things like UFO, aliens, parallel universe, law of attraction, reincarnation, vibrations, messages from other entities etc. I couldn’t really pay much attention to them, because I didn’t want to be one of these people who believe in every new age thought, thinking it’s a truth just because many enough people say so, even if there are no scientific proofs at all. This new categorization though made me start listening more relaxed to their thoughts. I could think “It might be true” and I didn’t have to decide if I believed in it or not. Sometimes I heard about absolutely crazy things, and then I could just think “I’m not interested in that” – I didn’t have to state that I thought it was wrong.

I have always relied hard on scientific proof. But to be honest, I know, as we all do, that the scientists only see what they are looking for and can only measure things they have instruments for. We can laugh at people some hundred years ago who didn’t understand things we understand today, just because now science has been able to prove it.

This more relaxed approach to new ideas has also allowed me to read new books about all kind of strange thoughts, listen to interesting, engaged people on YouTube and provoke my friends at dinner parties. And funnily enough, I every now and then read about scientific discoveries, especially within the quantum physics, that prove some of the more strange ideas!

At the same time I think it has changed my world view. Things aren’t black or white. There are so many things we still have not discovered and some things that are true today will most probably be proven false in some years. And I don’t have to react to someone’s belief – I can just enjoy expanding my world of possibilities!